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* Kit content is subject to change depending on sample availability.
  • IIM Sample Kit (500 USD): This is a all-in-one package including A-IIM, H-IIM and F-IIM samples. IIM Sample kit contains the following samples.
    - One A-IIM Sample Kit as described below (three samples)
    - One H-IIM sample
    - Two F-IIM sheets that connect to one controller
    - Two free-standing frames for F-IIM sheets
    - One extension cable for F-IIM

  • Animated IIM Sample Kit (400 USD): A-IIM sample Kit is composed of three A-IIM samples of the following varieties.
    - One mounted on desktop stand with standard controller with two AA batteries
    - One integrated with slim controller with lithium-ion rechargeable battery
    - One loose (not mounted on anything), flexible display with standard controller with AA batteries.
    The exact content of the sample kit is subject to change depending on sample availability but one from each of the three varieties will be included.

  • Hybrid IIM Sample Kit (250 USD): H-IIM Sample Kit is composed of two H-IIM samples of different varieties.

  • Flashing IIM Sample Kit (300 USD): F-IIM Sample Kit contains the following items.
    - Sheet : 7 pieces (4 pieces, 176mm x 63mm; 3 pieces, 132.5mm x 126mm)
    - Controller : FC-1 ~ FC-4 (each 1 piece)
    - Frame : 4 free-standing transparent PET frames in two varieties
    - Extension cable : 2 pieces
    - Replaceable overlay : 4 pieces


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