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Main Ink-In-Motion ® Sample Kit

The Sample Kit enables you to break through the constraints of current motion products and lets you discover how Ink-In-Motion ® can enhance your products and promotions with motion. Product benefits include:

  • Superior Readability : high contrast black & white displays with wide viewing angle
  • Versatile Form Factor : thin, light, durable and conformable
  • Battery-Powered : display runs for up to a year on AA batteries

The Sample Kit is ideally suited for people who want to utilize motion in point-of-purchase, retail, brand marketing, advertising and promotions, and product design.

IIM Sample Kit (500 USD)

All-in-one package including A-IIM, H-IIM and Cover-IIM samples.

 1. A-IIM (three samples)
  • One mounted on desktop stand with standard controller with two AA batteries
  • One integrated with slim controller with solar-cell
  • One loose (not mounted on anything), flexible display with standard controller with AA batteries
 2. H-IIM (one sample)

 3. Cover IIM (one sample)

One individual sample item: 100 USD per each (except the solar-cell A-IIM which costs 150 USD)

 Sample kit will be shipped out in three working days after your payment is settled. Delivery costs is in freight collect (your Fedex account is required).

 Payment method: wire transfer or PayPal.

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