New product launching: Flashing IIM

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new electronic-paper-based signage product, Flashing IIM. Since 2004, in partnership with E Ink Corporation, Neolux has successfully manufactured and marketed Ink-in-Motion, a revolutionary electronic paper point-of-purchase advertising material that has assisted numerous marketers and advertisers in their retail campaigns. Due to the need for customized and centralized production, however, designing and deployment of Ink-in-Motion have been somewhat difficult for small-scale campaigns. In addition, reusability has been a concern to certain Ink-in-Motion buyers.

We are addressing these concerns with the launch of Flashing IIM. Flashing IIIM is composed of a pre-cut e-paper sheet connected to a controller, a replaceable transparent overlay, and a frame. The pre-cut e-paper, available in various sizes, is attached to a matching frame and flashes at predetermined intervals. Images and texts are printed on the transparent overlay and fixed on the surface of the pre-cut e-paper. Plain inkjet printers and readily available transparent films can be used for the overlay.

The overlay can be replaced as quickly as your printer can print a color image, and as many times as you wish so long as your printer is operational. With Flashing IIM, you can easily and economically bring the benefits of e-paper technology to a multitude of retail marketing programs.

Volume pricing is available for resellers.

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